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Anew Fog, color code S611 by German Flooring is a 100% waterproof vinyl flooring option. Formaldehyde-free and durable, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas.

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Anew Fog

German FlooringTM

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Transform your home’s interiors with the Anew Fog vinyl flooring from German Flooring. The S611 color code is a versatile shade that pairs well with different design elements. The vinyl flooring features a 100% waterproof and real SPC Rigid Core design, ensuring unmatched durability. The flooring is also formaldehyde-free, making it safe for your family and the environment. Each box includes 10 pieces covering 29.81 sq. ft (48″ x 9″ x 5 mm), making it a cost-effective choice for your home renovation needs.

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