Mainz Oak

Mainz Oak

German Flooring

Introducing our Mainz Oak Premium Laminate Flooring – durable and stylish with an AC5 rating that ensures long-lasting wear and tear resistance.

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Mainz Oak

German FlooringTM

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For a unique and sophisticated flooring choice, the Mainz Oak Laminate Flooring is an excellent option. With its AC5 rating, this flooring can withstand significant foot traffic and wear and tear for years to come. The extra-long boards measure 4.5 ft and are 12mm thick, providing a sturdy and substantial feeling underfoot. The width of 7.5″ ensures that the floor is both modern and stylish without sacrificing durability. Made entirely in Germany, this premium flooring is CARB phase 2 compliant and has been manufactured with ultra-low emission green energy. It also features an anti-bacterial coating to promote a healthy living environment.

Our Mainz Oak laminate flooring has a 30-year warranty and is guaranteed to provide a stunning, long-lasting finish to any room.

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